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The Referral with Dr. Karan

The Referral with Dr Karan is a weekly focus on health-in-the-news (e.g., doctors on strike), awkward topics you might not want to discuss with your mum (S-E-X), and myth busting (e.g., "Masturbation ruins sex with your partner"); interweaving fascinating stories about scientific discovery and the real-life impacts. Dr. Karan Raj is a working doctor in the NHS, a social media sensation, plus a fun-fact machine (the kind that might change your life).

Ask Dr. Karan a Question

Ever wondered why it’s more difficult for women to orgasm? What AI is teaching us about medicine, or why erectile dysfunction exists? Are there superfoods, and what are the health signs you should never ignore? You've got questions; Dr. Karan has answers. Send in your queries for a chance to hear Dr. Karan unpack them on the pod.